Vacuum Pick-Up Cup Set
for Hot Air Rework Tools

(Patent pending)

XVCS Series Vacuum Cups are made of high temperature resistant ESD silicone and have molded inside stopper to prevent vacuum tube from protruding through the cup. This is a very important feature which quadruples the number of time the cup can be used without vacuum loss and prevents from the damage to components and to the vacuum cup itself.

The Cups fit also other manufacturers tools with vacuum.

Use Vacuum Pick-Up Pad


6 mm
XVCW-8 Diameter
8 mm
XVCW-10 Diameter
10 mm

Available Sets

XVCS-5 Set


  • XVCW-6 - 2pcs
  • XVCW-8 - 2pcs
  • XVCW-10 - 1pcs

XVCS-10 Set


  • XVCW-6 - 4pcs
  • XVCW-8 - 4pcs
  • XVCW-10 - 2pcs
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This is a tool which is designed to make SMT rework easier,
less time consuming and properly done to guarantee appropriate process control.
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